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Why does ruinae hominum exist?

Ruinae exists for many reasons. The main reason is because it is a reflection of humanity’s collective arrogance and ignorance. The physical world is a world of physical symbols, and everything exists the way it does due to cause and effect.

Ruinae reveals to us that we have yet to comprehend what the human body is and how it functions, and if we don’t do so, we could create serious illnesses that could wipe out our species. (Think of an AIDS mutation that the common medicines don’t work on. Or a streptococcus mutation even stronger than the flesh-eating disease variety.) I have no doubt this would never happen, but ruinae shows us it is possible, because there are already diseases that go above and beyond the average immune system’s ability to fight off, and the popular available medicines don’t fully cure it. The IACG recently sent a report to the United Nations about this being a global crisis, hosted on the World Health Organization’s website.

Ruinae was created from sheer ignorance and arrogance, without respecting our own capacity for knowledge of self. For instance, cooked food being popular and promoted as health food. The reality is that cooked food is missing the essential HDEMF needed for the body to run properly. It also removes some degree of nutrition of the food, depending on how cooked. A living, vibrant plant isn’t the same chemical composition as a roasted toasted plant, no matter how many times health professionals say otherwise. I don’t want to be too long-winded—I’d rather put it all in full detail in a book—but another main cause of ruinae taking hold of humanity is because humans rarely eat fresh greens. The natural human diet is a trichotomy, and only one food group can kill off ruinae, while the others basically fuel it.

Ruinae exists thanks to a corrosive marriage of religion, modern economics, and modern mainstream science. Religion makes people think they don’t need to ask questions about what we are, because all the answers are in an ancient book. Modern economics dictates a competition wherein you can easily kill or stop other competition, and as such, people are motivated to stifle those who want to liberate people of profitable health problems, such as in the Burzynski incident. With a different economy—one with some form of limits, and not an infinite-growth paradigm— there would be no incentive for giant companies to stomp on newer, better ideas, à la Who Killed the Electric Car.

Mainstream scientists refuse to deeply investigate basic human functions, such as imagination and dreams, so HDEMFs seem largely nonexistent to most, and people can’t recognize them as such without ridicule and fear—thanks to religion. Mechanical concepts of spirit are reduced to fear-based myths and metaphysical poetry. Instead of acknowledging the profundity of dreams, and thoroughly investigating other realms we naturally cohabit, we have turned to religion to tell us not to investigate, and that our natural interdimensional senses are to be feared. Natural interdimensional abilities people can have, like communicating with spirits—which is using your brain to communicate with disembodied minds—is considered trafficking with the devil, and demons/monsters are coming to get you. This is the kind of religious groupthink millions of people subscribe to around the world because science has yet to wake up and smell the astral coffee.

One thing that’s notable is just how connected religion and science is. Let’s not forget that not long ago people believed disease was due to the result of being possessed by evil spirits, demons, curses, voodoo, and black magic—“hell,” some people still believe in it. The concept of a witch doctor pretty much sums this all up. If you got chicken pox in one of these cultures, all you could do is blame the devil and die. It was modern science, with all it’s gaping flaws, that stepped in and put a leash on the superstitious. It’s no wonder mainstream scientists don’t embrace the “spiritual,” when the term itself is so poetically vague it can mean everything and nothing simultaneously.

However, if mainstream science cared about the human soul, we wouldn’t have diseases to begin with, because anchoring usable, problem-solving information through our nervous systems would be a normal, natural part of life. Ruinae could never exist in such an environment, because we would consciously choose to not create it, compared to unconsciously choosing to create it, as the collective has been doing.

Thankfully, we can still choose to consciously uncreate ruinae, which is what you are doing just by reading these very words. The the thought itself is enough to get the ball rolling, and the steps we take to heal ourselves is what rolls the ball through that glorious finish line.