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Where’s the proof for all this stuff?

I am doing a public anti-aging/wrinkle removal demonstration that you can follow, that’s almost done. The results are in, and I’m taking my time with the finishing touches. It’s a demonstration of my depath-detox protocol, and anti-aging protocol. Right now, I’m not going to finish the anti-wrinkle demo for many months because I stopped mid-process because it’s expensive and uncomfortable (you have to eat raw vegan a certain way and it’s annoying to do in the cold (November 2019)), and I’m not sure who’s interested. I will finish the demonstration, but the timeframe depends on several variables. If I get a certain amount of Patreon subscribers, I’ll actively finish the anti-aging demo.

As far as proof for living to 400, I can’t show you the most ultimate proof that you can live for 400 years, because that would require you actually living for 400 years.

When popularity picks up, I may do public demonstrations on other people—we’ll see.

Also, I wrote about this already but I’ll write it again: I didn’t believe in ANY of this stuff until I got my own glimpse of it myself, and had extra confirmation from outside myself. I could probably teach people to have the same glimpse-experiences and lead them to the same outside confirmation, but it revolves around opening one’s mind’s eye, and would be like teaching people how to enter altered brain states consciously, and all sorts of other stuff I don’t feel like teaching. If you are genuinely interested in this stuff, your life will organically orchestrate itself for you to learn more about how this is possible, like what happened with me.

I will ultimately do more public demos. I believe I can make someone go from balding to having a full head of hair, and can make someone who is going grey to go back to their natural color. I know these conditions sound extreme and impossible to cure, but I already performed a very extreme public demo on myself with glaring success.