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This website is generally timestamped as November 2019. This means the context of the way things are, involving statements about “now” and “most people this and that,” are specifically relevant to November 2019.

Culture can drastically change from this timestamp into its relatively near future, making the “now” time references obsolete, especially with regard to pop culture.

The update section is fluid, but this site-wide timestamp refers to general observation statements about the world of November 2019. Example: Most people are not vegan. Most people live to about 80. Modern mainstream science has yet to explain the human mind or dreams. Religions have yet to explain the human mind, spirit, or dreams to any scientific specificity, and always resort to vague poetry, which amounts to nothing but simple storytelling. Religions talk about spirits and souls and demons and God and the devil, but don’t explain anything relative to its relationship to the human brain, mind, and the dimension we all focus upon while are bodies are awake. Mainstream science has absolutely no information about the human spirit, and such topics are never talked about seriously in pop culture. The most famous and popular scientists have little to nothing to say about such subjects, if they even believe spirit exists at all.