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Aging is a natural biological process.

How that process occurs and what specifically happens throughout is the issue at hand.

The predominant human aging process is unnatural, and reflective of the fact that we as a species don’t respect ourselves enough to actively search, realize, and consciously know all we can about who and what we are (specifically the brain and mind, which are interdimensional portals to our higher dimensional selves). We have chosen to not be the best versions of ourselves, and the universe has given us exactly what we’ve asked for—arrogant, ignorant cultures of self-destruction. This has also translated into the destruction of our global environment—the land, sea, and sky are being transformed in ways that will perpetuate this less-than-optimal state we’ve chosen.

Naturally, the human is supposed to uniquely grow (meaning everyone’s natural biological growth rhythm is different, yet similar) into a peak state, wherein the body doesn’t change much until the spirit is ready to go back into the dimension whence it came—the same dimension it resides in when the body is asleep.

So, is aging real or an illusion?

Aging is real, because it is the chemical process of physical maturity, just how a tree grows from a sprout to a state where it mostly doesn’t change anymore. The act of withering away isn’t natural for the human in its optimal state. It’s largely a brain-mind-HDEMF issue I explain elsewhere on the site, wherein the body can’t hold HDEMF properly and thus breaks down. The withering process is reflective of humanity’s choice to not consciously be multidimensional, and instead choosing to act in a more territorial, arrogant animal-like manner, wherein large groups will horde and fight over resources. Not all human cultures are like this, but they all have serious issues, even the native cultures that somewhat acknowledge the reality of spirit and our multidimensional selves, still poison themselves with cooked foods, destroy their bodies with piercings, and don’t care to detox-depath themselves from their ancestors’ toxins and pathogens—modern cultures and native cultures are different but still self-destructive. Thus, we live and die the lifespan of a gorilla, and not a true human. The true human lifespan is above and beyond that of wild animals, which is reflective of our capacity to manipulate reality. Gorillas, elephants, and other long-lived land animals are sacred, beautiful expressions of the divine, but they don’t have the capacity to change the face of a planet, or build technology to traverse other planets. For a gorilla’s mental capacity—which is grandly multidimensional and rich in ways humans aren’t even aware of—80 years is more than enough for their soul to get their fill of Earth experience. The human soul-mind isn’t the same as a gorilla soul-mind.

Aging is also an illusion, for various reasons. (Things can be both real and an illusion, like a movie being a real, meaningful experience and meaningless light bouncing off a screen simultaneously.)

The human spirit is multidimensional, and the physical world is a solidified, temporary dream it has. On top of this, the universe is actually an “omniverse.” But without going down too many rabbit holes, let’s just call it a holographic multiverse. As such, everything already exists, and the spirit is choosing to identify with events and circumstances that allow it to know itself as an individualized, unique consciousness.

The more obvious, down-to-Earth reason aging is an illusion is because Earth spinning around the Sun doesn’t actually measure time. Just as you throwing a ball up and down doesn’t measure anything but the fact that you perceive a ball being thrown, the same is true for Earth orbiting the sun. It’s no different than you turning the lights on and then off in a timeless room. The reason why years seem to indicate age is because humans all have extremely similar DNA, so our biological processes of physical growth is similar. But growth =/= age. Theoretically, with advanced enough technology you could stunt the growth of a baby and make it a baby for many years. A 10-year-old baby would be the same age as a 10-year-old child, but their ages alone don’t tell you much about what and who they are.

A common science example of age illusion is time dilation, wherein the closer you travel to the speed of light, the less you age from an observer’s perspective. This allows for what’s called “the twin paradox,” which states that a twin that goes on a spaceship and travels for many years at the speed of light, when that twin returned, the twin that didn’t travel would be many years old, while the other would still look young. The only reason this kind of thing isn’t a popular issue is because no matter how much you travel on Earth, no one’s traveling near the speed of light. (Sidenote: Technically, all time dilation is gravitational time dilation, but that’s an unimportant clarification.)

The twin paradox shows us that age isn’t about time, it’s about biological processes. There are things you can do to rapidly age yourself, like polluting your body and mind. Smoking heroin and choosing to be in constant stress doesn’t literally age you—it destroys your body.


Here’s a summary so all of this is easy to remember:

Earth orbiting the Sun is only kinda-sorta measuring time. It’s measuring the illusion of how many times it’s made certain movements outside the now dimension of time you are actually focused in. (Now is all that exists experientially; the past and future can only be perceived and related to through the mind, which functions interdimensionally.)

There is only right now. The past and future only exist relative to now. The magnificent life stories and possibilities are beautiful and real, but can only be perceived relative to right now.

What’s called “aging” is physical growth (a baby to child) or physical decay (decrepitude at any age) and is a uniquely individualized chemical process of chemicals moving around—not time specifically. Time isn’t making it happen, the chemicals are, while in time. Someone getting grey hair and wrinkles isn’t “getting 60 years old,” that’s just them getting grey hair and wrinkles, no different than if a “young person” put on a Halloween mask, or had a drug addiction that gave them wrinkles and grey hair. Everyone is a timeless spirit, wearing a biological mask that behaves a certain way.


What the new lifespan seems like:

Birth ---------> Peak State ---------> Death

Birth is the same for everyone, but the peak state isn’t. Basically no one ever reaches the peak state, because the body is too diseased. The peak state is TAS level 3.


What the new human lifespan actually is:

Birth/Death ---------> Peak State ---------> Birth/Death

The nonphysical entity is having a temporary physical experience, and then retracting its focus back into the nonphysical dimension. The spirit “dies” and is born anew as a new human identity, and then it dies and is reborn as a new version of itself, a version now containing that old human identity completely intact.


Another way to say it:

Nonphysical Dream World ---------> Physical Dream World ---------> Nonphysical Dream World

Explaining it this way, it makes sense why we don’t age—the physical world is like certain realms of the dream world. All dreams are not phantasmagoric fantasy. Some dreams have continuity, logic, and other self-aware beings you can observe and communicate with, just like in the physical world. If you learn to dream lucidly, you will notice some dreams have a physics system like the physical world, wherein you have to walk places, and can’t fly around like superman. The physical world is just an exaggeratedly dense, restrictive version of that specific dream realm, and your body can function just as timelessly in this world as in that world, when in the proper state.