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TAS Levels are Template Alignment Spectrum Levels.

The human form is based upon a template, and the body can be out of alignment with that template. The different levels differentiate how out of alignment the human body is with its template, core, optimum state.

TAS Levels determine how long a human will naturally live; i.e., how long the body can maintain a connection with its operator spirit. Again, as was stated in other places, “spirit” is just mind. The mind is a type of light-material you can observe in dreams and by closing your eyes and envisioning anything at all. When the body dies, the body turns to soil, and the mind goes to the dimension it existed in half of the time while occupying a body—the dimension of dreams. One thing some religions somewhat got right is that when you die, the type of dream realm you go to will be reflective of the type of person you are, so if you’re “evil” you’ll end up in a nightmarish place, and if you’re “good,” you’ll end up in a paradise-like dreamworld. There’s A LOT more to the story than that however, but that’s another subject for another time. I just wanted to make sure this whole dying, spirit, living, body concept is made clear.

There are 3 TAS levels. The reason for this is because I wanted to simplify everything as efficiently as possible, without removing the spectral nuance.

“Really,” there are 2 levels—level 1 and level 2, signifying misalignment and alignment, but level 1 is such a gigantic spectrum, there’s no comparison to the bodily state of a lower level 1 to a high level 1, so level 2 was created to differentiate how the higher level 1’s will live much longer, healthy, vibrant lives compared to the lower level 1’s, which would amount to having a chronic, debilitating illness.

Here’s a simple spectral chart that illustrates the concept of TAS levels:

The Sun represents the HDEMF expression of a person’s body, and the Moon represents a lack of HDEMF expression and its blockage. The amount of Sun shown is the amount of one’s soul being expressed throughout the body. The lowest level 1 has to have some spirit expression or they’d be dead. With regular EMFs, the visible energy appears as the colors of the rainbow, with the lowest frequency as red, and the highest as magenta. If you were to poetically compare the human form to electromagnetic energy, red to greenish cyan would be TAS level 1, cyan to near-magenta would be level 2, and level 3 would be magenta.

Here are some specific qualities of each level’s experience:

TAS Level 1

About a 80-to-120-year lifespan. Extremely diseased. Skin with warts, moles, and scars. Born with misaligned teeth. Seemingly not diseased, but has symptoms associated with aging to live until 80-120, such as greying hair, balding, wrinkles, and so forth. Requires longer than 2 to 4 hours of sleep within a 24-hour period. Skin can easily scar from cuts. Body parts can ache for no apparent reason, and joints create pain from vigorous or mild movement. Some common fight or flight temperament and values. Basically everyone on Earth.

I mentioned the fight or flight thing, because in the other levels survival isn’t a concern. The brain is functioning in a way that perpetuates a euphoric experience of reality being a dream “under your control,” and that you literally are that living dream. Whereas, in level 1, you feel more ego-focused and animalistic, wherein things happen to you seemingly not having much to do with your physical body. Level 1 has a body focus, whereas level 2 and 3 has a body-environment focus, wherein you’re consciously—not theoretically—the dreamer and the dream itself. Level 1 has a “flat vibe,” whereas level 2-3 has a psychedelic, natural high. A level 1 can easily get addicted to psychedelic drugs because they artificially unlock brain states naturally experienced in levels 2 and 3. You can easily feel bored in level 1; it’s impossible to feel bored as level 2 or 3. In level 1, you can feel bored by having to be in a waiting room for hours, or having to do some seemingly mundane activity, whereas in levels 2 and 3 the capacity for boredom or mundanity no longer exists, because you are consciously not “stuck” in the physical dimension, imagination becomes more tangible, music in your head becomes louder, and again, you get the experiences commonly associated with psychedelics.


TAS Level 2

About a 200-year lifespan. Transition. Sleeps little (2 to 4 hours of sleep within a 24-hour period). Has almost no disease. On the path to level 3. Level 3 but with some serious flaws. Basically not diseased, but not 100% as aligned as possible. Can perceive spirit. Somewhat consciously multidimensional—it’s obvious to them that they are a higher dimensional being choosing to have a temporary physical dream. Will naturally live longer than any level 1 human. Someone who’s detoxed and depathed to the point that they’re losing warts and moles. No pimples or body odors at all. Some psychic ability. They can not shower for years and not stink. Little appetite. Cannot digest cooked foods or meat well at all. Most foods will cause severe pain when consumed, unless it’s the divinity diet. Alcohol will cause pain in digestion. Fast healing—a broken leg could heal perfectly in weeks. Extremely high energy, so they would never be too tired for exercise, unless having just exercised. Somewhat telepathic. Looks significantly young for their age. No need to brush teeth, because there is too small an amount of bacteria to create decay or bad breath.


TAS Level 3

About a 400-year lifespan. Ultimate. Telepathic. Psychic. Telekinetic—can move small objects with mind. No need to eat, but can for entertainment. Glowing skin. 100% peak state for your DNA. It’s a bit of a spectrum, but much less so than level 2 and 1. A level 3 person being near a car and breathing in toxic car fumes doesn’t make them a level 2, but if they did that to the point of where the body lost its “supernatural” powers it would be. Level 3 is a spectrum, but not, because all the bad that happens, happens within the context of being in level 3. To go from 3 to 2 would require a level of pollution that would lower the activity of certain parts of your brain significantly. No blemishes on skin whatsoever. Looks 14-35 for their entire life. Constant full-body orgasm-like feeling. Great empathy. Consciously multidimensional. Always sees and can communicate with spirit, just as easily as physical beings. Death is consciously chosen, and isn’t a random happening. Knows exactly why they are who they are (why they were born, what their purpose is on Earth, etc.). Considerably more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually powerful than the other level versions of self, because the body is expressing more power than the other levels.

Basically no one is on this level, nor anywhere near it. What this level signifies is that your body is functioning more like a dream body. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, you’ll notice that your dream body glows a bit, even when it looks like a regular human form. In Earth-like dream realms, the dream world has physical limitations; you cannot fly around like superman, and there is logical continuity like the regular physical world. You may also notice you can move small objects with your mind, and have full-blown conversations without you or the other person moving their lips. These effects are not-so-exaggerated versions of what can be done in the physical world, using your physical body.