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The common lifespan now is the old lifespan.

This duration is the result of extreme toxicity and pathogen colonizing—humanity has made cultures of disease, knowingly and unknowingly. The term culture is a double entendre, meaning unique behavior customs and the literal cultivations of pathogens.

The main cause of the old lifespan is what is termed, ruinae hominum. In Latin, it means “humanity’s downfall.”

Ruinae Hominum (“ruinae” for short) is a specific set of toxins and pathogens that have been destroying human health since the dawn of cooking. Because of the emotional fun and deliciousness of cooking, humans have actively ignored the fact that damn-near setting food on fire removes most of its healing and detoxifying potential. Viruses and bacteria have been given a gigantic invitation to quietly wreak havoc in our bodies, from generation to generation.

Babies are not born “pure and clean”—they are made from the mother’s body, and the father’s sperm. The toxins and pathogens living in the mother, will most likely end up living in the baby, and the cycle repeats itself if it becomes a mother.

Unlike what’s scholastically taught in pathology science, I’ve observed that a specific set of pathogens and toxins have completely taken over the global human body, and until now, there is absolutely no way to stop this onslaught. But upon cracking this natural health code, I’ve observed pathogenic behavior for years, and much of the logical conclusions I’ve made goes against mainstream medical groupthink.

Ruinae Hominum is a summary for what I’ve seen is happening. Pathogens are feeding off of the food and toxins inside the body, and have mutated to be stronger than the average person’s (TAS level 1) immune system. These pathogens are self-aware, and also feed on the mental light-matter (“HDEMF”) of the body, which is why so many diseases manifest in one’s head and neck region, where the brain is located. This is a common place of choice for the pathogens responsible for seasonal allergies, acne, and dandruff (the back is common for acne as well due to the spinal cord). The brain functions as a conduit for HDEMF, and the pathogens are energized from it, like a plant in sunlight. There are other reasons, such as the fact that pathogens like to travel through one’s lymphatic system, and thus also love to congregate at one’s buttocks, genital, groin, and upper-neck-under-jaw regions.

Ruinae essentially stops the body from expressing HDEMF as much as it naturally could, and functions as the ultimate “body-soul disease.” Ruinae robs humans of their conscious multidimensionality—it’s the reason people don’t remember “past lives,” which can be recalled in vivid description through regression therapy, but can seem like imaginary nonsense when not in those altered states. The people that say this stuff doesn’t exist simply haven’t had the experience, just like with the concept of technologically induced out-of-body experiences. The whole idea of recalling any visual memory—be it a past life or what you ate for breakfast—has to do with mental focus, which is predicated upon how much HDEMF the person’s brain can perceive. Ruinae is what makes “the supernatural” seemingly unnatural for most people.

Not only does ruinae dramatically shorten your lifespan, it is the cause for almost all human disease, exotic and common, and all symptoms associated with aging. It is the reason for bad breath, smelly body odors (armpits, feet, etc.), cavities, poor eyesight, dandruff, acne, asthma, bumpy skin/“chicken skin,” greasy skin, seemingly random places of skin discoloration, dementia, dark under-eye circles, crust and boogers in eyes and nose, earwax, “seasonal allergies,” cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. All of it is thanks to ruinae, which is a specific set of pathogens and toxins that are beyond the average human body’s capacity to deal with.

Different diseases seem like they are all unique cases that require unique treatment, but mostly that is not the case. It is somewhat true that everyone’s ailment is uniquely theirs, especially since resilient pathogens like streptococcus love to mutate and adapt to its unique host, but the basic physics behind killing these pathogens and removing the toxins in the same. Certain diseases require super-unique treatment, such as a venomous snake bite, wherein the toxins can function almost as deadly as a bullet to the head, and must be dealt with immediately. But even these super-fast killing diseases could be dealt with using the correct technique—such as avoiding venomous snakes, just as you would avoid a loaded gun to your head. Avoidance is just as smart and practical a disease fighting mechanism as the finest medicine, wherein the medicine is rendered just as unnecessary to a person as if they’ve taken and no longer required that medicine.

Animal and plant poisons are not a part of ruinae, unless the animal is a pathogen. Ruinae is a set of living entities that have colonized the human body worldwide, along with the common poisons humans put in food, in the air, and in their bodies as a badge of modernity—such as artificial perfumes, hairsprays, and blue lake #2.

To free oneself from ruinae is to develop advanced technology specifically to depath-detox the body. Detox means removing toxins, and “depath” is a term I coined experimenting with various methods for removing pathogens. Without the technology, the only other method is to eat the divinity diet, and to perform various health rituals, involving various specific herbs. (Health rituals such as eating lots of fresh organic thyme in one sitting, on an empty stomach; not rituals in the metaphysical or religious context.) There are other issues that need to be addressed, such as stress-inducing negative beliefs that create self-destructive bodily states. Certain types of thoughts help perpetuate ruinae, because the pathogens that live in the body are self-aware, and influence how you think and what you want to eat, let alone that ruinae feeds off of your negative thoughts (HDEMF) themselves.

The only reason people’s bodies last for 80-100 years is 100% because of ruinae. It’s not because of metaphysical negative energy, or diet, or because “that’s how God made us,” it’s because our bodies are being slightly eaten alive from the inside out, since within the womb, and this self-cannibalization completes itself in about 80 years. I don’t mean to sound negative, I mean to sound truthful—we live in a world where people think pretending something isn’t the way it is, will physically make it not how it is. Just look at US politics. I’m not going off of what I wish was true, I’m going off of what I observe, and can share with others to observe, and the reality is it doesn’t matter if you’re a meat eater or a raw vegan, ruinae can still destroy your body over time.

Ruinae Hominum is the creator of the old lifespan,

and is the Downfall of Humanity.