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A lot of the tone of this site is judgmental and serious, why not lighten it up a bit? If this site is supposed to be about living longer, and most people live for love (ideally, in theory), where’s the love vibes?

I love love vibes! :)

I’m aware I don’t hold my tongue with the information given, and don’t always sugarcoat stuff on the site. The site isn’t just about living longer, it’s about living longer and why we are short-lived. I want to get the why aspect out loud and clear.

The reason for my tone is because at face value, a lot of this information sounds like fantasy nonsense to the average person. I want to come across as serious and logical, because the information itself is already “out there” as it is. You throw in too much of the happy-fun-love-joy vibe and it just sounds like Pollyannaish wishful-thinking.

Also, just as everyone is given a gift to share with others, I came upon this information as a kind of gift from God due to my passion for understanding who and what we are as humans. (When I use the term “God,” I don’t mean it in the religious manner. God is the self-aware life system that orchestrates reality, and I call it God because it’s a conscious being.) I wouldn’t have been given this gift if I didn’t have empathy, openness, and love in my heart. I know how important those characteristics are in keeping our humanity, and keeping our connection with the divine.

I’m an artsy-fartsy, love-is-the-answer, watch-channeling-videos-on-youtube type person myself, and I must say this to my metaphysical brothers and sisters:

The spiritual community has to step its game up, and take the mantle of frontiers not normally associated with those consciously connected to higher dimensions of self.

If you are an intuitive, or empath, or can see spirits, or have some kind of “supernatural” proclivity, learn or master a talent you enjoy expressing, and help get humanity moving PHYSICALLY. Not just through energy work. There’s nothing wrong with being a reiki master or healer, but take it to the next level—experiment with natural herbs or something that can balance the body in different ways. Heck, build technology that can replicate what you do organically, that people can buy.

The reason why I say this is because if you don’t, these cultural phenomena will be created by people without empathy, lacking basic respect for the oneness of life. I don’t want to rant too much, but I really want to say this: if you are a “love and light” type person, the future is yours. Decades ago the future was the geeks’, and now some of the biggest billionaires and millionaires are geeks that created services that run our modern lives (computers, internet, cellphones, social media, etc.). The next wave of innovation will be from the spiritualists, but ideally the positive, compassionate kind like you. We don’t need ice-cold scientists unraveling the secrets of the human mind and soul, only so other evil people can use it for control and destruction. We need spiritual scientists like you to get that ball rolling ASAP.

(I am walking my talk, and am already doing what I’m asking you to do. I have things in the works. If you do too, maybe I can promote your stuff in a video! I like to uplift other spiritual people actively seeking to better the world.)