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Right now, there is a global pandemic on Earth,

forcing humans to live for less than half their natural lifespan.

This natural duration is the new human lifespan, and is about 400 years.

The human mind is a tangible, quantifiable substance, and is a type of light material. This light-matter is what animates the brain and body, and allows a soul to experience physicality (check the links page for more info). This mental substance is what you perceive when you close your physical eyes to envision and dream, and the proof of it being the human soul is technologically induced out-of-body experiences. Through repeatable out-of-body experiences, you can perceive other disembodied entities, commonly known as spirit. This is a natural ability most people can only experience through technology, thanks to the extreme amounts of toxicity that has been introduced into the human nervous system.

Without getting too off topic, the human brain isn’t expressing as much of this light-matter as it could, and as such, the body wears down and misfunctions easily, which results in all the various types of diseases a person can have, including common aging symptoms. Pathogens are opportunistic, and the global human body is severely compromised due to inherited toxicity. The toxicity is vast and complex, ranging from heavy metal poisons courtesy of modern farming, to simple activities the body performs naturally, which creates internal wastes that can harm you if not quickly removed. An example of internal harm, is when you think you are under great stress for an extended time period, and your body puts itself in a chemical state wherein you get grey hair, wrinkles, etc. (commonly called “rapid aging”).

In the most optimal human state, the body cannot have disease, because the body isn’t naturally a pathogen feeding center. The body becomes this mainly through food and certain types of thoughts, which create bodily chemical states pathogens can happily thrive within.

The new lifespan is achieved unlike any life-extending process you’ll find online, because it is based upon unique, revolutionary findings about the human body, mind, and soul, along with various other important topics, such as pathogenic behavior and diet. These findings were found through years of directly observing how human cells function in relation to pathogens, different mental states, and what natural substances and methods produce the most optimal body-state. The very concepts of health and optimal body-state have been reinvented from the common, unspecific definitions found in modern culture, wherein terms like “healthy” can mean a million different things to a million different people. Not long ago in the US, even cigarettes could be advertised as healthy. Now, the methods for achieving the new lifespan clearly define true health, and show the path to this naturally balanced state.

The new lifespan occurs by giving the brain it’s lost ability to fully express the mental-light material of its animating spirit. Your lifespan is determined by how much your body can hold on to your soul. Increasing your lifespan is increasing your body’s capacity for being a vessel.

The new lifespan is new a relationship of the brain and soul.